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Perfect addition to add to your cupcake's for decoration!

You can personalise your cupcake topper with any choice of colour for you to choose from.

*Only is sold in a set of 6 and 12, not sold each separtely* Colour baking will be in white acrylic.


Colours shown on image from left to right: Colours shown on image from left to right: Orange Fizz, Candy Floss, Lemon Bonbon, Eggshell Blue and Pistachio.


We'd love to see how these beautiful topper looks on your gorgeous cake, so please follow and share with us @sweetsugarcreations

Custom Number Cupcake Topper

PriceFrom $7.95
  • *Please ensure that you have the correct colour when you place your custom topper for your choice of cupcake topper. Topper that is shown on the photo will be the product that you will receive when you order it.*

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