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All different type of textured cake scrapers, making it eaiser to use with scraping buttercream from your cake to get the magic affect!


Available patterns are: Comb Scraper, Curve Scraper, Thin Striped Scraper and Thick Striped Scraper.

Comb Scraper: 2.2cm comb

Curve Scraper: 2.3cm scalloped 

Thin Striped Scraper: 1.2cm stripes
Thick Striped Scraper: 1.7cm stripes

Available to order whole set or sold individual. 


Material: 3mm Clear Acrylic

Size: 25cm x 9.9.5cm


Acrylic Textured Cake Scraper

PriceFrom $16.95
  • *Before using the product, handwash in warm soapy water. Do not place in the dishwater to clean. Leave product to air dry or use a paper towel to dry*

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